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Consultants Get More


Earn 20—33% commission on your sales. The more you sell and grow your team, the more you earn.


Start earning products and cash rewards right away through Fast-Track Rewards! Keep earning free products, monthly sales rewards and even the chance to travel.


No time sheets. No inventory to hold. All fun, all on your time! Sell $20 every 6 months minimum to maintain eligibility to sell.


Be part of a supportive community with people who care about you and your goals.


For over 40 years, consultants have shared tips, recipes, and tools that inspire cooking confidence!

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Join in January With the $25 Start-Up Kit

You’ll get exactly what you need to start earning commissions and rewards right away! See details

Plus, when you book, sell, and recruit in your first 30 days, you can earn a whole lot of amazing products—including the Flex+ Multi-Prep Set. See details
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The Kits

You’ll get exactly what you need to get started right away, including a free 90-days subscription to a personal website and marketing tools.
Ultimate Kit Deluxe Kit Starter Kit

Ultimate Kit

Deluxe Kit

Starter Kit

Get everything in the Deluxe Kit and even more great kitchen tools—plus, choose one of three small appliance bundles! Get everything in the Starter Kit and more—plus, the Rockcrok® Everyday Pan is upgraded to the Rockcrok® Dutch Oven! Includes the bestselling Rockcrok® Everyday Pan.
$1,100+ Value
$750+ Value
$400+ Value
Choose One Small Appliance Bundle:

Deluxe Air Fryer
Coating Trays & Tongs

Deluxe Electric Grill & Griddle
Burger & Slider Press

Deluxe Cooking Blender
Long Skinny Scraper
Consultant Tote Consultant Tote Consultant Tote
Rockcrok® Dutch Oven Rockcrok® Dutch Oven Rockcrok® Everyday Pan
Coated Chef’s Knife Coated Chef’s Knife Coated Chef’s Knife
Enrichables Pea Protein, Small Enrichables Pea Protein, Small Enrichables Pea Protein, Small
Flexible Cutting Mat Set Flexible Cutting Mat Set Flexible Cutting Mat Set
Garlic & Herb Seasoning Garlic & Herb Seasoning Garlic & Herb Seasoning
Garlic Press Garlic Press Garlic Press
Mix ‘N Chop Mix ‘N Chop Mix ‘N Chop
Salad Chopper Salad Chopper Salad Chopper
Small Mix ‘N Scraper® Small Mix ‘N Scraper® Small Mix ‘N Scraper®
Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set  
Citrus Press Citrus Press  
Classic Batter Bowl Classic Batter Bowl  
Large Chef’s Tongs Large Chef’s Tongs  
Manual Food Processor Manual Food Processor  
Microwave Popcorn Maker Microwave Popcorn Maker  
Mini Measure-All® Cup Mini Measure-All® Cup  
Mini Serving Spatula Mini Serving Spatula  
Rapid-Prep Mandoline Rapid-Prep Mandoline  
Smooth-Edge Can Opener Smooth-Edge Can Opener  
Stone Bar Pan Stone Bar Pan  
Mini Oven Mitt Set    
Silicone Prep Bowl Set    
Kits and kit contents are subject to change without notice.

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How many hours do I need to work? expand_more

You decide how many hours you’ll need to reach your goals: There’s no timecard. You can ramp up your party schedule when you have more time—or a bigger goal—and scale back when you want. One of the best things about a Pampered Chef business is the flexibility to work around another job or other commitments!

Are there sales minimums or quotas? expand_more

Being a consultant is so flexible that all you need to maintain eligibility to sell is to submit at least $20 in commissionable sales within six months. If you want to maintain active status and keep any perks you've earned—plus keep earning great commission—you will need to submit $150 in commissionable sales each month.

How do I find people to host parties? expand_more

Start by telling friends and family about Pampered Chef and invite them to be one of your first hosts. You can offer generous host rewards like free products and discounts based on party sales, plus a monthly host offer. At each party, you’ll meet new people and invite them to host and keep growing your connections. Plus, Pampered Chef has training that guides you on how to find new hosts in your day-to-day activities.

How much money do I need to invest? expand_more

After you purchase your new consultant kit, there are no minimum purchases and no inventory requirements. When a customer buys from you, the order is sent directly to them from our warehouse.

Can I start earning money right away? expand_more

Absolutely! You’ll earn 20% commission on your sales right away. The more you sell and the more your business grows, the more commission you can make. Consultants can earn up to 27% commission. If you decide to build a team, you can earn up to 33% commission.

Actual earnings can vary depending upon time committed, skill level, and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the same results.

How do I sell products? expand_more

You can sell virtually and in person and offer several party types: Host rewards, fundraisers, wedding showers, and catalog parties. And, with shared rewards, your hosts and guests can shop and save together.

Plus, you’ll have a free website for your first 90 days—and after that, you can subscribe for as little as $12 a month—where you can collect online orders and run parties on Table, Pampered Chef’s very own party site!