Let's Party


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In May, support a worthy cause and we'll double our donations.
  •     $200–$649.99 = 10% 20%
  •     $650 or more = 15% 30%
  •     Plus, $3 donated for every party booked.
  •     Special offer every month.
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Host Rewards

Enjoy free & discounted products
  •     The bigger the party, the bigger the rewards.
  •     Benefits start at $200 in sales. No max!
  •     Special offer every month.
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Shared Rewards

Shop together. Save together.
  •     The bigger the party, the bigger the savings.
  •     Discounts start at $100 in sales.
  •     Every $100 = 2.5% savings.
  •     Max: 25% off every order.
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Wedding Showers

Give gifts that last.
  •     Couples create a registry.
  •     They get host rewards from all purchases.
  •     Benefits start at $200 in sales. No max!
  •     Special offer every month.

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Party at Our Table or Yours!

No matter your party style, you can do it virtually on Table, our very own party site.


60% Off Select Cookware

Choose one when guest sales are $200 or more.
Stainless Steel Wok
Stainless Steel Wok
$240  $96
12 (30-cm) Stainless
Steel Skillet
12" (30-cm) Stainless Steel Skillet
$210  $84
10 Stainless
Steel Skillet
10" (25-cm) Stainless Steel Skillet
$145  $58
Rockcrok Everyday Pan
Rockcrok® Everyday Pan
$125  $50
Rockcrok Dutch Oven
Rockcrok® Dutch Oven
$140  $56

Pick TWO!

Choose a second item at 60% off and add select small appliances to your choices when guest sales are $650 or more.
Deluxe Multi
Deluxe Multi Cooker
$299  $119.60
Deluxe Air Fryer
Deluxe Air Fryer
$289  $115.60
Deluxe Grill
& Griddle
Deluxe Grill & Griddle
$349  $139.60

Future Host Rewards

The rewards continue no matter what type of party you host!

10% Past-Host Discount
Get 10% off for an entire year.
Future Party Pick
Get 40% off any item or set at parties booked from yours.
3-Party Booking Bonus
Get $50 in free product rewards when three guests host parties.